Cellulose Insulation Radiant Panel

Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus

The Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus measures the surface flammability of building products (ASTM E 162) and cellular plastics (ASTM D 3675) by using a gas-fired radiant heat panel. The test result is an index that is determined from the flame spread and heat evolution factors. This index is required in various specifications especially for the mass transit industry (buses and trains).


  • A gas-fired radiant panel to assess flame spread rates from building products (E 162) and from cellular plastics (D 3675).
  • A pilot burner is used to ignite the test specimen. This is a steel tube in the building products test and a porcelain tube in the cellular plastics test.
  • The specimen holder contains observation marks for assessing the progress of the flame front, placed every 75 mm (3 in.).
  • A stack is provided with thermocouples/thermopile as required by the standards.
  • The radiant burner system contains safeguards to ensure operator safety.
  • The apparatus is provided with all necessary controls and with a specimen holder. As an option, a control rack can be provided for wall mounting and remote operation of the test apparatus.
  • Software for obtaining all needed data, making the calculations and storing test data.
  • All needed controls feed, via a data acquisition unit, into a personal computer.


  • Smoke obscuration measurements are an optional add-on, via a smoke sampler in the exhaust duct. The option includes 0.3 and 0.8 neutral density filters for calibration.
  • Other options include a pyrometer, with its digital display units and cables, for calibration and setup.
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