Codes and Standards Development

Codes and standards assistance:

  • Reporting on relevant activities
  • Explanation of requirements as a function of application
  • Representation on committees
  • Revision and development of standards (ASTM, NFPA)
  • Preparation of code proposals and testimony at hearings (ICC)

Examples of work conducted include code changes to and standards development for:

» ASTM Fire Test Standards and Practices (ASTM E05 Committee)
» ASTM Electrical Standards (ASTM D09 Committee)
» ASTM Specialized Fire Standards (Plastics, Ships, Detention Facilities, etc.)
» International Code Council codes (IBC, IFC, IRC, IMC, IWUIC, IEBC)
» ISO TC61 (Plastics)
» ISO TC2 (Fire Safety)
» National Electrical Code (NEC, NFPA 70)
» NFPA Building Code (NFPA 5000)
» NFPA Fire Code (NFPA 1)
» NFPA Fire Tests Committee
» NFPA Life Safety Code (NFPA 101)
» NFPA Standard on Air Conditioning (NFPA 90A)
» NFPA Standard on Fixed Guideway Transit (NFPA 130)