FMVSS 302 Flammability Cabinet for Automotive Tests

FMVSS 302 Flammability Cabinet for Automotive Tests

The FTT flammability apparatus conforms to the requirements of the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302, for testing flammability of interior materials in passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks and buses. The instrument measures rate of flame spread. The apparatus is supplied as a complete system incorporating all features necessary for ease of use and safety. The test is conducted in a steel cabinet, with a corrosion-resistant protective coating, for protecting the test specimens from drafts.


  • The interior of the cabinet is 381 mm long, 203 mm deep, and 356 mm high. The cabinet has a glass observation window in the front, a closable opening to permit insertion of the specimen holder, and a hole to accommodate tubing for a gas burner. For ventilation, the cabinet has a 13 mm clearance space around the top, ten holes in the base, with each hole 19 mm in diameter, and the cabinet also has legs to elevate its bottom by 10 mm off the ground.
  • The ignition source is a gas burner, equipped with a fine adjustment valve, using natural gas or equivalent and providing a 38 mm high flame.
  • The Bunsen-type burner, with a 10 mm inside diameter tube, is provided with gas controls and a safety flash back device.
  • The test specimen is inserted between two matching U-shaped frames of metal stock 25 mm wide and 10 mm high. The interior dimensions of the U shaped frames are 51 mm wide by 330 mm long. A specimen that softens and bends at the flaming end so as to cause erratic burning is kept horizontal by supports consisting of thin, heat-resistant wires, spanning the width of the U shaped frame under the specimen at 25 mm intervals.
  • The equipment is supplied with a timer.


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