High Temperature Oxygen Index Apparatus

High Temperature Oxygen Index Apparatus

Fire Testing Technology (FTT) offers a Temperature Oxygen Index Module (TOI or TI), which assesses the oxygen index (ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2) of specimens at temperatures of up to 400EC (ISO 4589-3). It must be used as an attachment to an Oxygen Index apparatus, for example the one manufactured by FTT, and not as a stand-alone unit.

Oxygen index values decrease as the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the specimen increases. Elevated test temperatures are set by adjusting the pre-heated gas temperature levels and setting the heated glass furnace wall temperatures. An LCD display continuously shows the temperatures of both heated sections. When tests are conducted with different oxygen levels, gas is conserved by using air from an integral pump running quietly between tests, with bottled nitrogen and oxygen switched on only for the actual tests.

The FTT unit has been designed to be compact for efficient use in a standard fume hood (or under a simple ventilation hood that FTT can supply if needed). It provides continuous digital display of oxygen concentrations in the test atmosphere, so that settings can be made easily and no additional flow adjustments are required. In this way the unit is made as automatic as possible.


  • Test temperature to 400°C.
  • Digital display of sample temperature.
  • Digital display of column and pre-heater temperatures.
  • Transparent radiant heated test column.
  • Highly effecient gas pre-heater
  • Air pump to conserve oxygen and nitrogen supply during standby period


  • Digital readout for oxygen concentration: +/- 0.1% 
  • Dimensions (mm): 350(w) x 370(d) x 280(h) 
  • Column size (mm): 160 max(dia) x 75mm (internal dia) x 570(h) 
  • Weight (kg): 17 
  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz 10.25A or 110V 60Hz 20.5A 
  • Operating Manual: Supplied 
  • Other Service requirements: Bottled O2/N2, Propane, Requires Oxygen Index
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