OSU Rate of Heat Release Apparatus

The OSU Rate of Heat Release Apparatus is used to expose aircraft interior cabin materials to an incident radiant heat flux of 35 kW/m2, to comply with FAR 25.853 requirements. The apparatus, built in accordance with FAA Fire Test Handbook, Chapter 5, is provided in three parts: test chamber, control unit and data acquisition and analysis system.


  • Stainless Steel Insulated Test Chamber, with Gasketed Door and Viewing Window
  • Matched Set Glow Bar Elements as Heat Source (with Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel Housing)
  • Dual Glow-bar Power Controllers, for Ease of Heat Flux Uniformity Adjustment
  • Upper Pilot, Lower Pilot (with Spark Ignition) and Methane Calibration Gas Burners
  • Thermopile for Heat Measurement, with 5 Hot Thermocouple Junctions in the Chimney and 5 Cold Thermocouple Junctions in the Air Chamber
  • Air Distribution System and Exhaust Stack
  • Specimen Holder, with Pressure Plate, Mounting Bracket and Drip Pan
  • Stand-alone Control Unit Housed in 19″ Rack, with:
    • Thyrister Control for Radiant Heat Source
    • Flow Control for Burners
    • Controls for Air Supply System
  • Calibration Heat Flux Meter
  • Software, Interface, Computer and Laser Printer


  • The unit can also be modified to comply with ASTM E 906 and to conduct tests at different incident heat fluxes, for research purposes. The unit can also be supplied with several options: smoke measurement system (white light or laser), oxygen depletion calorimetry (shown in rack above) and facilities for monitoring sample mass loss continuously.
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