Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Affordable highly specified isoperibolic temperature regulated oxygen bomb calorimeter, with embedded control computer

The oxygen bomb calorimeter is used to assess the gross calorific value, or the gross heat of combustion of a material. The instrument determines the potential maximum total heat released by a product when undergoing complete combustion, regardless of its end use.

With this apparatus a test specimen of known mass is burned under standardized conditions, at constant volume, in an atmosphere of pure oxygen, in a bomb calorimeter calibrated by combustion of certified benzoic acid. The calorific value determined under these conditions is calculated on the basis of the observed temperature rise in the calorimeter vessel (designed to withstand high pressures), while taking account of the heat losses. The calorimeter vessel is immersed in an outer water bath. Water in the calorimeter vessel and in the outer bath are both monitored. When operated in isoperibolic mode, the outer bath is maintained at a constant temperature with the heat loss continuously monitored (and corrected for) throughout the test. An embedded control computer, keypad and LCD enable instrument automation, data acquisition and analysis via user friendly menu driven software.

In the new European system of material fire test classification for construction products, data from the oxygen bomb calorimeter is applicable to Euroclasses A1, A2, A1fl and A2fl. Similar types of test results are required in a variety of North American specifications, normally using an ASTM standard.


  • Bomb calorimeter, with embedded microprocessor control, user-friendly interface, LCD graphics display, high accuracy/resolution PRTs, 2 x RS232 interfaces & printer parallel port
  • FTT Oxygen bomb & Oval bucket (calorimeter vessel)
  • Thermostatically controlled bath, circulator, cooler & pipette (2 Liter)
  • Oxygen pressure regulator
  • Spares parts and Accessories for installation



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