VDE Acid Gas Evolution Test

VDE 0472-813 Acid Gas Evolution Test for Electric Cables

The FTT acid gas evolution test instrument determines whether the insulating and sheath materials of a cable emit gases with a corrosive effect when exposed to flame. In this way the halogen content or the presence of other compounds with the potential to emit acid gases can be established. The method recognizes even very small amounts of halogens or other substances with similar effects by the sharp changes in pH-values and conductivity that they cause. The test is intended for the determination of the corrosivity of combustion gases emitted by halogen-free insulating materials and jackets of cables and flexible cords, by measurement of the pH and the electrical conductivity of the gases.


  • Tube furnace, traveling carriage and thermocouples.
  • Quartz work tube.
  • Control unit with digital temperature controller for tube furnace and optional over-temperature device.
  • 2 Gas collection bottles.
  • Gas cell.
  • pH and conductivity measuring instruments with digital display and electrodes.
  • Air flowmeter and all necessary tubes and connections.
  • 10 ceramic sample boats.


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