Vertical Wire Flame Test (VW-1)

Vertical Wire Flame Test (VW-1)

The VW-1 Vertical Wire Flame Test is a test used to assess whether a wire, cable or cord is minimally resistant to flame spread, in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC, NFPA 70). The test establishes the method for determining the resistance of a wire, cable or cord to the vertical propagation of flame and to the dropping of flaming particles. In the NEC the test is required for “limited-use cables” intended for application in communications, fire-alarm, optical fiber, remote control, signaling and power limited circuits.

The FTT VW-1 Test Apparatus is supplied as a complete system incorporating all the features necessary for ease of use and safety. The Bunsen burner is enclosed in a draft-free chamber with an interior volume of 4.0 m3. The apparatus chamber is also suitable for assessing the flammability of wires and cables in the horizontal orientation and for assessing the flammability of wires and cables in accordance with various associated international standards.


  • A floor-mounted draft-free corrosion resistant combustion chamber having an internal volume of 4.0 m3, with toughened safety glass and door for easy access and viewing. The chamber also includes an air tight glove box for arm and hand access during test
  • Interior light
  • High temperature exhaust fan
  • Specimen holders and supports
  • Burner, burner wing tip and support for angle adjustment according to ASTM D5025, with burner calibration kit according to ASTM D5207
  • Gas control system and digital test timers
  • Draft free vents
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