GBH International

About GBH International

Since 1995, our team of experts has decades of experience in the following areas:

  • Fire Test Equipment: As the exclusive North American agent for Fire Testing Technology, we offer a full line of equipment to meet your regulatory and research needs, manufactured by the world leader in fire test equipment. Our Michigan-based engineers provide both on-site and remote service and support.
  • Codes & Standards Consulting: Understanding how codes and standards affect your industry can be a challenge. As regular participants in the NFPA, ASTM, and ICC processes, we can help.   Our services include:
    • Reporting on codes and standards activities.
    • Representation at meetings or hearing.
    • Development of standards or code proposals.

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Fire Testing Instruments

Leading global supplier of the Cone Calorimeter, Large Scale Calorimeter, NBS Smoke Chamber and Oxygen Index.

World-class manufacturing of reaction to fire instrumentation, in accordance with multiple international & national standards, including: EN, ISO & ASTM.

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Service & Support

GBH International is the sole North American agent for Fire Testing Technology, the world’s leading supplier of fire test instruments.

We also provide spares and service (both on-site and via telephone or e-mail consultation) for fire testing equipment manufactured by FTT and Stanton Redcroft.

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Codes & Standards Development

Codes and standards assistance:

  • Reporting on relevant activities
  • Revision and development of standards.
  • Preparation of code proposals and testimony at hearings
  • Litigation support for fire related cases

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