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Since 1995, GBH International has provided clients with solutions to their fire testing and code compliance needs.


Our team of experts has decades of experience in fire testing equipment service, in creating and supporting companies in fire and sustainability code/standard areas, fire research and fire litigation

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Be inclusive: by acting fairly, with integrity, respect and without prejudice

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Marcelo Hirschler

GBH: Dr. Marcelo Hirschler

Marcelo Hirschler has many years of experience with fire safety issues. For example, by providing technical assistance with codes and standards issues (emphasis on fire), as well as consulting services for fire-related legal cases.

Dr. Hirschler has a strong background in fire performance of plastics (such as PVC or foam plastics) and the effects of flame retardants and has published almost 500 papers and six books. He is very active on proposals for development and amendment of codes (leading to regulation), including the building codes (IBC and NFPA 5000), the life safety code (NFPA 101), the national electrical code (NEC, NFPA 70), the mechanical codes (IMC, UMC), the fire codes (IFC, NFPA 1), the residential code (IRC) and the wildland code (IWUIC).

Furthermore, Marcelo Hirschler is very active in the development of standard fire tests, practices, specifications and guides (nationally and internationally) within ASTM, NFPA, CSA, ISO and IEEE. In addition, Dr. Hirschler has been appointed to a number of positions of responsibility within codes and standards committees and has received several awards. He was appointed by ICC to the IBC Fire Safety committee for 3 code development cycles.

Member of the following ASTM Committees

  • E05 (Fire Tests)
  • C16 (Thermal Insulation)
  • D07 (Wood)
  • D09 (Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials)
  • D11 (Rubber)
  • D13 (Textiles)
  • D20 (Plastics)
  • E34 (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • F07 (Aerospace and Aircraft)
  • F08 (Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities)
  • F15 (Consumer Products)
  • F23 (Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment)
  • F24 (Amusement Rides and Devices)
  • F25 (Ships and Marine Technology)
  • F33 (Detention and Correctional Facilities)

Chairs (or Former Chair) several ASTM Subcommittees and multiple task groups, including:

  • E05.91 (Planning and Review)
  • E05.17 (Transportation)
  • D09.21 (Fire performance standards)
  • D09.94 (Editorial)
  • D20.20 (Plastic lumber)
  • F15.15 (Wallcoverings)
  • E05.22.02 (Mounting Methods for ASTM E84 Steiner tunnel)
  • E05.21.60 (Cone calorimeter)
  • E05.21.80 (Large scale heat release tests)

Other ASTM Activities:

  • ASTM E05 First vice chairman
  • ASTM E05 former recording secretary and former membership secretary
  • ASTM E05 former subcommittee chairman for E05.15 (Furnishings and contents), E05.21 (Smoke and combustion products) and E05.31 (Terminology and editorial)

Member of the following NFPA Technical Committees

  • Air Conditioning
  • Building Code/ Structures, Construction, and Materials
  • Building Code/Safety to Life: Interior Finish and Contents
  • Fire Tests
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Hazard and Risk of Contents and Furnishings (former chair)
  • Glossary on Terminology (Chair)

ISO Technical Committees

  • TC61 SC4 (Plastics, Burning behavior)
    • Convenor WG8 on Ignitability and Fire Growth
  • TC92 (Fire Safety)
    • Convenor WG8 Fire terms and definitions

Member of the following NFPA Technical Committees

  • Building Code/Safety to Life: Interior Finish and Contents
  • Fire Tests
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Hazard and Risk of Contents and Furnishings
  • Fixed Guideway Transit & Passenger Rail System


Fire Test Equipment: As the exclusive North American agent for Fire Testing Technology, we offer a full line of equipment to meet your regulatory and research needs, manufactured by the world leader in fire test equipment. Our Michigan-based engineers provide both on-site and remote service and support.

Codes & Standards Consulting: Understanding how codes and standards affect your industry can be a challenge. As regular participants in the NFPA, ASTM, and ICC processes, we can help.   Our services include:

  • Reporting on codes and standards activities.
  • Representation at meetings or hearing.
  • Development of standards or code proposals.

Fire Safety Research: We can help you develop a research plan for improved fire performance or regulatory compliance. We will identify all of the relevant standard tests and design specialized tests as needed.

Litigation Support: We have decades of experience with fire-related cases. We provide research and testimony as requested.

Tim Earl

GBH: Tim Earl

Tim Earl manages the sales and service of fire testing equipment. He also provides consulting services related to codes and standards, as well as designing for fire safety. His recent research involves balancing fire safety and sustainability objectives.

Member of the following ASTM Committees

  • E05 (Fire Tests)
  • C11 (Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems)
  • D09 (Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials)
  • D13 (Textiles)
  • D20 (Plastics)
  • E50 (Environmental Assessment, Risk Management, and Corrective Action)
  • E60 (Sustainability)
  • F08 (Sports Equipment, Playing Surfaces, and Facilities)
  • F24 (Amusement Rides and Devices)
  • F40 (Declarable Substances in Materials)

Chairs the following ASTM Committees/Task Groups

  • E05 (Fire Tests) Fourth Vice Chair 2022 – Present
  • E05.23 (Subcommittee on Combustibility) 2012 – 2017
  • E05.21 (Subcommittee on Smoke and Combustion Products) 2018 – Present
  • E05.21.03 (Task Group on Smoke Chamber Methods) 2012 – Present
  • E05.21.40 (Task Group on E906 Ohio State University Calorimeter) 2009 – Present
  • E05.22.05 (Task Group on E648 Flooring Radiant Panel) 2011 – Present
  • E60 (Sustainability) Vice Chair 2018 – Present

Other Activities:

  • Member of the FAA HRR2 Task Group responsible for updating the heat release test in FAR 25.853
  • Team Leader of Sub Task Group #1 responsible for evaluating new designs of the heater used in the OSU rate of heat release test
  • Member of ISO TC 333 on Lithium

Member of the following NFPA Technical Committees

  • Building Code/Safety to Life: Interior Finish and Contents
  • Fire Tests
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Hazard and Risk of Contents and Furnishings
  • National Electrical Code, Code Making Panel 6
  • Air Conditioning
  • Building Construction
  • Structures, Construction, and Materials

Voting member of the following sustainability committees:

  • NSF 426 Joint Committee (EPEAT Server Standard)
  • Technical Committee for the Sustainability Assessment of Network Equipment

Engineering positions prior to joining GBH International

  • Maintenance and Engineering Manager in the Packaging Industry
  • Service Manager in the Pure Water Industry
  • Engineering Assessor, US Navy
  • Chief Engineer, US Navy

Eric Larsen

GBH: Eric Larsen

Eric Larson provides on-site installation and service of fire testing equipment, as well as remote support. He has several years of experience with equipment maintenance in the oil and pharmaceutical industries.

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