Acid Gas Evolution Test

IEC 60754 Apparatus for Acid Gas Evolution from Cables

The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60754 test (formerly known as IEC 754), in its Parts 1 and 2, serves to assess the degree of acidity of gases evolved during the combustion of electric cable materials by measuring the pH & conductivity of a solution of the evolved gases.

Cable users with needs to meet specifications or requirements for cables with low emissions of acid gas (or no acid gas emission), when cable insulation, jacket or other materials are burnt, can use this test to meet the gas evolution requirements. The intent of these criteria is often the protection of electrical and electronic equipment not involved in the fire itself. The test is not normally carried out on a complete cable test piece, but usually on the cable components, and cable test results are based on a calculation of the material content of each cable component.

The FTT system has been designed with significant new features over traditional systems. FTT has used modern electronics to develop an automatic system, rather than relying on control by a variac, where it is possible to supply too high a current to the heater element during the heating cycle. This approach considerably extends the furnace life. Additional benefits of this system over traditional systems include: soft start, ramp rate, power limit and an over-temperature device.


  • Tube furnace, support stand and thermocouples
  • Quartz work tube and sample lading assembly
  • Control unit with digital temperature controller for tube furnace and sample temperature indicator
  • 2 gas collection bottles
  • Gas cell (1,000 mL)
  • pH and conductivity measuring instruments with digital display and electrodes
  • Stirrer
  • Air flowmeter and all necessary tubes and connections
  • 10 ceramic sample boats
  • Over temperature safety device
Acid Gas Evolution from Cables
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