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NBS Smoke Chamber (ASTM E662; BS 6401; NFPA 258) And options for: (ISO 5659; ABD0031 (ATS 1000.001); NES 711) The NBS Smoke Density Chamber is widely used in all industrial sectors for the determination of smoke generated by solid materials and assemblies mounted in the vertical orientation within a closed chamber. It measures the specific

Mass Loss Cone Test (EN ISO 13927; EN ISO 17554) Mass Loss Calorimeter – Simple Heat Release Test Using a Conical Radiant Heater The test method is used to assess the mass loss rate of a product under test conditions. The International Standards ISO 13927 and ISO 17554 specify this method for assessing the mass

The Single Flame Source Test (EN ISO 119252) The test is required as part of the European construction products regulation classification of reaction to fire performance for wall and roofing products and floor coverings. “The Single Flame Source Test” (Ignitability Apparatus) is built in accordance with EN ISO 119252. Full classification and performance criteria can

Fire Propagation Apparatus (ASTM E2058; FM 4910) FTT manufactures the FM Global Fire Propagation Apparatus (FPA), a heat release calorimeter. The FTT FPA can be used to determine: Critical heat flux for ignition Thermal response parameter Effective heat of combustion Chemical and convective heat release rates Fire Propagation Index It can also be instrumented to

Vertical/Horizontal Wire Flame Test (UL 1581) Fire safety for electric cable products is more important than ever. Manufacturers, resellers and end users of wire and cable products need to be aware of the latest regulations and the products which meet those standards. The UL 1581 is an internationally recognised standard test for these products. The

UL94 Chamber The UL 94 tests are conducted on plastic materials to measure flammability characteristics, giving a preliminary indication of their suitability for a particular application. FTT provides the complete solution for reliable testing for all UL 94 classifications in a robust, easy to use instrument. The tests determine 12 flame classifications of materials for

Toxicity Test Attachment for NBS Smoke Density Chamber (ABD0031) Using in conjunction with the NBS Smoke Density Chamber, gaseous/volatile test products are drawn from the chamber at any time for analysis through three ports on the top of the chamber. One of these ports is used to connect to the ABD0031 vacuum box. This test

Test on Gases Evolved During Combustion of Electric Cables (IEC 60754 Part 1 and Part 2) The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60754 Part 1 and Part 2 test is performed to determine the degree of acidity of gases evolved during the combustion of materials taken from electric cables by measuring the pH and conductivity. Cable

Smoke Density Photometric System (DIN 50055) The FTT ‘Smoke Density Photometric System’ (DIN 50055) is designed to be used in conjunction with equipment that measures smoke from burning materials. The unit can be fitted to several instruments such as the Room / Corner test, (ISO 9705), Single Burning Item (SBI) (EN 13823), HeatRelease and Smoke