Cone Corrosimeter

Cone Corrosimeter to ASTM D 5485

The cone corrosimeter is an instrument used to assess metal corrosion following exposure to a radiant heat source. A fraction of the combustion products is sent through an extraction device into an exposure chamber where it is used to expose metallic (normally copper) probes.

The instrument can be used as an add-on to a normal cone calorimeter (to ASTM E 1354/ISO 5660), but the oxygen consumption calorimetry and smoke release measurement devices are not needed for the corrosion measurements.

The instrument is supplied as a four part component system:
1. Hardware, which fits onto the Cone Calorimeter

  • Manufactured from stainless steel. Consists of a conical smoke/fume collector, with heated steel piping connecting to a desiccator, which has a fitted thermocouple and a desiccator exposure chamber, fitted with a target stand and a thermocouple.

2. Control unit which controls temperatures and the flows through the apparatus

  • The control unit houses: a flow meter, a filter, a pump, a controller for the sample line heater, switches for power and other controls, and a temperature display.

3. Measuring instrument (Rohrback Corrosometer)

  • One Rohrback corrosometer unit (for conducting the corrosion measurements).

4. Smoke corrosivity probes

  • 10 disposable smoke corrosivity probes.
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