Mass Loss Cone Test (with Combustion Products)

Enclosed Mass Loss Cone Test

The FTT Enclosed Mass Loss Cone (EMLC) is used to determine mass loss rate and ignitability at any heat flux condition defined within the cone calorimeter fire model of ISO 5660 or ASTM E1354. The instrument is a complete assembly, which, as a stand-alone instrument, serves as a quality control tool.

The instrument is supplied as a two part component system: the cone heater assembly (with conical heater, shutter mechanism, spark igniter, load cell), enclosed within a stainless steel chamber, controlling input and outlet of gases and exhaust air, and the control unit. It can be used to measure combustion products and toxicity yields or with low oxygen conditions.

Heat release rate instruments, like the cone calorimeter, can be used to determine effective heat of combustion, as a ratio of heat release rate and mass loss rate. Thus, if the effective heat of combustion is known, mass loss rate data can be used to calculate approximate values of heat release rate. The MLC is, thus, an inexpensive way of assessing fire properties of materials.


  • The cone assembly, manufactured from stainless steel, comprises:
    • Conical Heater, rated at 230 V, with a variable heat flux of 10-100 kW/m2
    • Three Control Thermocouples
    • Heat Shutter Mechanism, to allow easy loading of samples
    • Load Cell, with sample capacity of 500 g
    • Adjustable specimen mounting for horizontal samples up to 50 mm thick
    • Spark Igniter
    • Heat Flux Meter and Housing, to fix position of the meter accurately 25 mm below base of cone.
    • Stainless steel enclosure (1.5 mm thick), 400 mm wide, 300 mm deep, 300 mm high. It has a front door with a viewing window, and 2 gas inlet ports, mounted at the base of the enclosure. The exhaust gas exits only through the cone assembly, at the top of the enclosure. A baffle plate, ca. 40 mm from the enclosure base, has 4 holes covered in stainless steel gauze (ca. 50 mm diameter), for gas mixing.
  • Control unit, comprises:
    • Temperature Controller, with digital readout
    • Switches for power, ignition, heat shutter and conical heater
    • Load Cell Controller, with digital readout


    • Optional column with thermopile for heat release: either per ASTM E2102 or per ISO 13927
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