European Single Flame Source Test

Ignitability Apparatus to ISO 11925-2

This apparatus is used for the European classification levels on fire performance, for the Euro Classes system, for all construction products. It is built in accordance with the specifications of “ISO 11925-2: Reaction-to-fire tests for building products – Part 2: Ignitability when subjected to direct impingement of flame.”

The test equipment is originally based on the German standard test method, known as “Kleinbrenner” for determining the ignitability of building products, when exposed in the vertical orientation. A small flame (see below) impinges directly on the materials or products,
without additional irradiance.

The Fire Testing Technology ISO 11925-2 Ignitability Apparatus is supplied as a complete system, which is easy to use and incorporates key safety features.


  • The combustion chamber is constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel, to maximize operating life.
  • Chamber has large front and side doors for easy access.
  • Doors are glazed with toughened glass for ful specimen view during test.
  • The burner assembly is mounted on runners, and is fully adjustable, to enable the small premixed flame to be tilted at an angle of 45° to the specimen and offered in one fluid movement.
  • Specimen holders capable of housing specimens up to and including 60 mm thick.
  • A fully adjustable specimen support frame, facilitating lateral movement of the specimen holder, so that the flame can be applied either to the center of the specimen or to laterally-displaced points.
  • A digital anemometer/thermometer, and a stop watch are supplied with the instrument, for simple and accurate measurements of flow rate, temperature and time.
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