FAA Flammability Cabinets for Bunsen Burner Tests

FAA Flammability Cabinets for Bunsen Burner Tests

The FTT Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Bunsen Burner Cabinets conform to the requirements for the fire test methods in the FAA Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook for aircraft materials. The apparatus is supplied as a complete system incorporating all features necessary for ease of use and safety. It enables the user to test according to the following five Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) test methods:

  • Vertical Bunsen burner test for cabin and cargo compartment materials (Chapter 1)
  • 45-Degree Bunsen burner test for cargo compartment liners and waste stowage compartment materials (Chapter 2)
  • Horizontal Bunsen burner test for cabin, cargo compartment, and miscellaneous materials (Chapter 3)
  • 60-Degree Bunsen burner test for electric wire (Chapter 4)
  • Recommended procedure for the 4-ply horizontal flammability test for aircraft blankets (Chapter 18)


  • A bench mounted draft free stainless steel combustion chamber having a large inside volume of 0.85m3 and fitted with an interior light and exhaust fan to enable simple evacuation of combustion products
  • In addition to the chamber, five sample mounting systems are offered for the five test methods listed above. Any one is readily replaced by a an alternative mounting system
  • Three digital test duration timers for accurate but simplified operation
  • A burner and precision gas control system, including gas flow meter, pressure regulator and pressure gauge.
  • Two access ports enabling easy entry to the chamber for movement of the burner and specimen.
  • Large door and window made from toughened safety glass giving a generous view of the specimen during a test.
  • Flame height indicator.
UL 94 Flame Chamber
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