Flooring Radiant Panel

Reaction to fire test requirements for flooring products

The European Construction Products Regulation requires that all European Member states use this test method as part of the requirements needed to evaluate reaction to fire performance for all flooring products. This test method
will eventually take precedence over national regulatory methods to classify most flooring products and will be required by all suppliers of flooring materials into the EU and neighboring states adopting these regulations. The instrument also fulfills the equivalent test requirements of ASTM E648, ASTM E970 & NFPA 253 standards in the USA.

The flooring radiant panel (FRP) test

This flooring radiant panel is used to measure the critical radiant flux of horizontally mounted floor covering systems exposed to a flaming ignition source in a graded radiant heat environment. It can also be used to measure this same critical radiant flux for exposed attic floor cellulose insulation.

The FTT FRP Apparatus

The radiant heat is applied by means of a gas fueled panel, inclined at 30°, and directed at a horizontally mounted floor covering system specimen.

The radiant panel generates a radiant energy flux distribution ranging from a nominal maximum of 10.9 kW/m2 to a minimum of 1.0 kW/m2.
A small stainless steel pilot burner aids in specimen ignition.

The distance burned until flameout is reached is converted, by calibration, into an equivalent critical radiant flux, in kW/m2.

A smoke measuring system is mounted on a separate frame at the exhaust stack.

Main Features

  • Attached Control Rack for convenience in use, allowing observation of the apparatus during equipment setup and calibration.
  • Automatic ignition of the radiant panel and safety cutout.
  • Data Analysis and Acquisition Software.
  • Hinged access to test area, via a 2 position door with observation window and sliding platform.
  • Stainless steel hood with smoke measurement ports.

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