ISO 5660; ASTM E1354; ASTM E1474; ASTM E1740; ASTM F1550; ASTM D6113; CAN ULC 135; BS 476 Part 15

The iCone²⁺ Calorimeter (ISO 5660; ASTM E1354) is the latest in the FTT Cone range. It incorporates all of the best features of our range of cone calorimeters. Specifically, the iCone2 offers cutting edge PCB based technology, in a modular and robust build. Also, this new calorimeter has remote communication, cone operation and diagnostic facilities that allow FTT the ability to efficiently respond, diagnose problems and service installations in all corners of the world.

The iCone²⁺ is the most advanced, reliable and user-friendly Cone Calorimeter in the world.

Unique Features of FTT’s iCone mini and iCone classic:

iCone 2+ Calorimeter
Cone Calorimeter 2+