IMO/LIFT Spread of Flame Apparatus

IMO/LIFT Spread of Flame Apparatus


  • This instrument uses a gas-fired radiant panel to assess surface flammability of marine surface finishes (ASTM E 1317, IMO) or to assess lateral ignition and spread of flame (LIFT, ASTM E 1321, ISO).
  • The gas-fired radiant panel is controlled by a fully automatic spark ignition safety interlock system, for operator safety.
  • A pilot burner is used to ignite the test specimen.
  • Critical heat fluxes for ignition and flame spread are calculated, as required in specifications for the marine industry and for research.
  • A stack is provided with thermocouples/thermopile as required by the standards.
  • The complete test apparatus consists essentially of three main components: a radiant panel support framework, a specimen support framework (linked together to bring the test specimen into the required configuration with respect to the radiant panel) and the specimen holder.
  • The apparatus is provided with all necessary controls, flux meter and specimen holder.
  • The instrument is provided with software for obtaining all needed data, making the calculations and storing test data.
  • All needed controls feed, via a data acquisition unit, into a personal computer.


  • Smoke obscuration measurements are an optional add-on, via a smoke sampler in the exhaust duct. The option includes 0.3 and 0.8 neutral density filters for calibration.
  • Other options include a pyrometer, with its digital display units and cables.
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