ISO 5657 Ignitability Apparatus

ISO 5657 Ignitability Apparatus

The FTT ISO 5657 Ignitability Test Apparatus is manufactured to conform to ISO 5657 and BS 476; Part 13. The apparatus has been designed for testing building materials and composites, but is capable of testing any sample of 165 mm × 165 mm, up to a maximum of 70 mm thick. The test instrument measures the ignition characteristics of exposed surfaces of essentially flat materials and specimens, with a radiant conical heater and an intermittent pilot flame (“dipping duck”). The test results include minimum heat flux for ignition and time to ignition at a particular incident heat flux.


  • The sample orientation is horizontal.
  • Irradiation levels range between 10 & 50 kW/m2, using a conical radiant heater.
  • Conical furnace is controlled by 3 term temperature controller.
  • Temperature indicator and over temperature device, for operator safety.
  • Instrument fitted with pilot flame with provision for re-ignition, if flame self-extinguishes.
  • Apparatus is equipped with a mechanism to bring the pilot flame into the correct position above the plane of sample every 4 seconds (for intermittent flaming exposure).
  • Separate support frame and control unit
  • Instrument supplied complete with heat flux meter.
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