ISO Smoke Chamber

Conical Radiator Furnace for ISO 5659-2

The FTT conical radiator furnace attachment is intended to be used to extend the usefulness of the NBS Smoke Chamber beyond testing to ASTM E 662, so that the same chamber can be used to test to ISO 5659 part 2, the IMO Fire Test Procedures Code, ASTM E 1995, and NFPA 270. While the furnace for the ASTM E 662 test is able to be used exclusively at an incident heat flux of 25 kW/m2 and with a test specimen in the horizontal orientation, the conical radiator furnace can be used at incident radiant heat fluxes of up to 50 kW/m2, and with test specimens in both the horizontal and vertical orientations. This is an important feature when testing thermoplastics and other melting and dripping materials.


  • Variable heat flux range between 10 and 50 kW/m2, in horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Simple installation and removal from NBS smoke chamber (ASTM E 662 test apparatus).
  • Supplied with its own control unit, allowing installation in all existing smoke chambers.
  • Pilot burner is fitted with spark ignition and gas safety alarm and cut-out device.
  • Instrument supplied complete with heat flux meter.
  • Instrument supplied with housing to fix position of meter accurately to within 25 mm below the base of the cone heater.
  • Available with a load cell device to enable the user to monitor mass loss continuously during the test.

Note: This is not a complete instrument.  It requires an NBS Smoke Chamber.


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