Large Scale Heat Release Rig

Large Scale Heat Release Rig

Heat release and smoke measurement instrumentation to test to:

  • ASTM E1537, ASTM E 1590, ASTM E 1822, ASTM E 2067, ASTM E 2257
  • CA TB 129, CA TB 133, CA TB 603
  • NFPA 265, NFPA 286


  • FTT supplies a section to be inserted into the duct, and an analyzer rack. The equipment is to be used in room tests (see first image at right) or in furniture calorimeter tests.
  • Duct section (see third images at right) contains all the necessary ports for measuring heat release by oxygen consumption calorimetry.
  • A paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, with ranges of 0-25% oxygen is contained in the rack (see second image at right). All the ducting and controls necessary for measurements are also contained in the rack. Smoke obscuration system (laser or white light), as well as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide analyzers can also be contained in the rack.
  • Software and Data Acquisition Hardware. The system consists of an analog-digital data logger interface unit, data analysis and graphics software, a personal computer, and a laser printer. The signals are collected using a Data Logger. A Windows-based software package enables simple data acquisition and analysis to determine the various parameters needed for heat release determination and reporting.
  • Optionally, a load cell can be added, to measure mass loss. Mass loss is measured via a strain gauge load cell, with a quick electronic tare facility. The load cell is housed in an enclosed case, to reduce temperature change effects.

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