Large Scale Mattress Fire Test

(CA TB 603; 16 CFR Part 1633)

Recently the California Bureau of Home Furnishings and the Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that all residential mattresses to be sold in the US must meet a large scale heat release test based on the dual burner shown here. FTT can offer the complete instrumentation to clients wishing to upgrade existing fire test facilities or to build their own test apparatus. In the later case FTT supplies a variety of modules, including a Gas Analysis Instrumentation Console, a duct section, a burner, a load cell and software/data acquisition.

The Console contains all the necessary instrumentation to measure heat release rates and other associated parameters. The specification of this instrumentation is the same for both large and small scale calorimeters and can therefore also be conveniently disconnected and used with the FTT Cone Calorimeter. The duct section contains probes for gas sampling and air velocity measurement along with smoke measurement equipment (white light or laser).

Unrivalled Experience in Design/Manufacturing

FTT’s site in East Grinstead, is home to the largest group of fire scientists and instrumentation design engineers working on fire testing instrumentation,
and is at the heart of our design and manufacturing. For almost 30 years FTT has provided the highest quality instruments and service for fire testing and research professionals worldwide, directly and through its extensive global sales and support network.


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