The Single Flame Source Test

(EN ISO 11925-2)

The test is required as part of the European construction products regulation classification of reaction to fire performance for wall and roofing products and floor coverings. “The Single Flame Source Test” (Ignitability Apparatus) is built in accordance with EN ISO 119252.

Full classification and performance criteria can be found in a separate FTT document “New European Fire Testing Classification EN ISO 119252: Reaction to fire for Construction Products.”

Product Classification

The European Construction Products Regulation classification criteria for all building products, has performance classes from AF. Although other tests are required for assessment, the single flame source apparatus is needed for qualifying all types of construction products to classes B, C, D and E.

The FTT Ignitability Apparatus

EN ISO 119252 is based on the Kleinbrenner method for determining ignitability of building products in the vertical orientation by direct small flame impingement under zero impressed irradiance.

The FTT Ignitability Apparatus is supplied as a complete easy to use system incorporating safety features. It has large front and side doors for easy access. These are glazed with toughened glass for full view of the specimen during a test.

Fully Adjustable Burner

An extensively adjustable burner assembly, mounted on runners enables the small premixed flame to be tilted at an angle of 45° to the specimen and offered to it in one fluid movement.

A fully adjustable specimen support frame facilitates lateral and vertical movement of the specimen holder so that the flame can be applied at the correct position for either surface exposure or edge exposure.

Specimen Holder

The specimen holders are capable of housing the specimens up to and including 60 mm thick. The FTT ignitability apparatus is supplied with one specimen holder. Optional extras: multilayered
and loose fill materials.

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