Vertical/Horizontal Wire Flame Test

(UL 1581)

Fire safety for electric cable products is more important than ever. Manufacturers, resellers and end users of wire and cable products need to be aware of the latest regulations and the products which meet those standards. The UL 1581 is an internationally recognised standard test for these products.

The FTT UL 1581 test for flammability of cable materials gives a preliminary indication of their suitability for a particular application. The apparatus is supplied as a complete system incorporating all the features necessary for ease of use and safety. It conforms to UL 1581 vertical specimen Bunsen burner tests and associated international standards.
These are:

  1. 1060. Vertical Flame and FT1 Tests
  2. 1061. Cable Flame Test
  3. 1080. VW1(Vertical Specimen) Flame Test
  4. 1090. Horizontal Specimen Appliance Wire Flame Test
  5. Horizontal Specimen/FT2 Flame Test

Features & Benefits

• 2 Large doors with windows made from heat resistant ceramic glass giving a generous view of the specimen during a test.
• Fully adjustable vertical specimen supports.
• Fully adjustable horizontal specimen supports.
• A burner in compliance with ASTM D5025, with predetermined angle adjustment (0°, 20°, rest) & integral gas control, gas/air mix controls and manometer.
• A solid state gas safety system ensuring maximum operator safety during the test setup and testing activities.
• Two access ports with airtight gauntlets enabling access to the chamber for movement of the burner and specimen.
• Digital test duration timer supplied.
• Low voltage chamber lighting.
• Smoke extraction system with automatic inlet and exhaust dampers.
• Digital differential pressure gauge.

Vertical/Horizontal Wire Flame Test
Vertical/Horizontal Wire Flame Test

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